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Oh god, what was she doing there?

My name is Fat Gay Vegan and I am an addict. Cupcakes and cookie sandwiches are my vice and Ms. Cupcake is my dealer. The vegan Brixton-based bakery creates award-winning delicacies and I simply cannot get enough of their sweet goodness. I make the journey across London whenever I can in order to get my fix.

Venn Street Market

But like any good dealer, Ms. Cupcake knows the success is all about getting the product to the customer any-which-way. During the next few months, the compassionate baking company are trialing a weekend stall at the Venn Street Market in Clapham Common. This streak of stalls is tucked away in a side street a few steps from the Underground station. The usual market fare is on offer including a large range of fresh fruit and vegetables. It is a nifty little market made all the more appealing by the presence of Ms. Cupcake.

During a visit to Venn Street Market last week, I was pleasantly surprised by the Ms. Cupcake treats on offer. Check them out…

All of my cruelty-free favourites were there… cupcakes, cookie sandwiches, carrot cake and brownies. Ms. Cupcake knows how to make the food that keeps me hooked and I am fanatical in my appreciation.

Cupcakes by Ms. Cupcake

Cookie sandwiches

Ms. Cupcake stall at Venn Street

Alongside my old friends was a new addition that hadn’t made my acquaintance prior to Venn Street. The mini loaf collection was a delightful sight to behold on a Saturday morning and I quickly snapped up the maple pecan variety. Delightful!

Mini loaf goodness

Take the Underground over to Venn Street Market this Saturday between 10am and 4pm for some of that addictive sweet stuff. Go on… you know you want to!

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