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Have you tried Wheaty?

In an ever-increasing market of vegan meats, there are a few definite standouts that always manage to find their way into my FGV basket. Redwood produce stunning rashers, roasts and sausages. Fry’s Vegetarian sell fabulous schnitzels, nuggets and strips. Rest assured, there are plenty of proteins out there and they keep on coming.

Now, I know I said there are plenty out there but plenty doesn’t mean enough. A range of vegan meats that has recently come to my attention is known as Wheaty and I couldn’t be happier that it is in my life. These succulent, plant-based deli meats are chunky, carve-able and oh-so-tasty. Produced in Germany, the seitan delicacies are among the world’s best.

The huge range is available in health food stores across Europe and you actually won’t believe your eyes when you see how expansive the choices are. Wheaty by Topas produce chorizo spacebars, smoked deli slices, hot dogs, Bratwurst, herbed sausages and country-style sausages…. and that’s just the ones I have personally tasted! The full range extends to many more delicious varieties of wheat meats.

A small selection of Wheaty products

Wheaty sausages getting the chop

Wheaty sausage, mushroom & Vegusto vegan cheese on a toasted bagel

Wheaty being carved at Bristol VegFest earlier this year

Even though there are plenty of plant-based meats around, I will always make room for the taste and quality of Wheaty. I recommend you do the same.

If you are in London, you can purchase Wheaty products from vegan boutique Vx and As Nature Intended or Out Of This World in Leeds.

Visit Wheaty online.

Like Wheaty UK on Facebook.


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  1. I haven’t tried this brand, but seitan is amazing. I wonder if I could find these in the United States…

  2. Yeah love Wheaty and Topas, always stock up when we go to the fairs.

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