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Bar none

I do love a nice bar. Be it candy or other, a bar is a superb way of hitting the hunger where it hurts without ruining your appetite. If that bar can be based around delicious coconut, all the better for a FGV.

Coconut Bar Original by Oskri Organics

A little piece of heaven entered my life recently thanks to a health food company based in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. Oskri Organics is a small manufacturer producing goods in their own warehouse. Take a quick browse through their products list and you will find cooking oils, spreads, dried fruit, nuts, granola and much more. The only item from their repertoire that appears to have made it over to the UK is the Coconut Bar Original.

Coconut and rice syrup - it's that simple

This sweet yet subtle creation is fast becoming a firm favourite in the Haus of FGV. With it’s terrifically-simple combination of shredded coconut and rice syrup, the Coconut Bar Original is a fast, vegan-friendly snack suitable for halal, kosher and gluten free diets. What a versatile little number, hey?

I am constantly searching the UK for the various flavours of this bar (mango, cherry, strawberry, pineapple and almond), but this new friend will keep me company until that day comes.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Love these!!
    I’ve tried the cherry and it was sooo good.
    But I can’t remember where I got it.
    Maybe a fresh and wild?

    • Ooh. Cherry! I like the sound of pineapple too.

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