Xmas burger at Temple of Seitan

You might need to hurry if you wanna get your hands on this one.

With the way the threat of lockdown is hovering over our heads, I’m not sure if shops and restaurants will stay open for the remainder of the year.

And to make it even tougher to grab, this vegan Xmas burger special from Temple of Seitan is available in limited quantities each day until December 23, 2021.

The Kievin McCallister is the Temple version of a chick’n Kiev burger featuring garlic butter, rocket leaves, a seitan fillet, bacon, and a deep fried ‘Camembert’ patty.

Such intense festive flavours.

You can order in stores on via the online ordering system only. This special is not available via UberEats and it has limited daily quantities.

You can also follow Temple of Seitan on Instagram.

And… if you don’t know, I have been working a little bit with Temple of Seitan and I’m telling you that for the sake of transparency.

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