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New vegan chocolate

New vegan chocolate alert… and I have a discount code for it!

Fellow Creatures sent me their chocolate range for free, along with some information about the brand.

It is independent and LGBT-run. They pay 60% over market price to support cocoa farmers and their communities.

Isn’t that all just too fab?

If you go to fellowcreatures.co.uk and use code FATGAY at checkout, you get £5 off (minimum order £25) plus free shipping.

Buy all your festive chocolate needs in one place!

You can also find Fellow Creatures in Sainsbury’s and WH Smith.

Flavours include Raspberry White Choccy, Creamy Milkless Chocolate, Salted Caramel Choccy, Matcha White Choccy, and Creamy Hazelnut Chocolate.

The bars come in two sizes.

Yay for ethical chocolate! You can follow Fellow Creatures on Instagram.

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