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Online vegan cooking course WIN WITH FGV

Are you interested in delicious, down-to-Earth, and easy to make vegan food?

If you answered YES you will be very interested to learn more about @rootyfuel and their practical vegan cooking courses that take the guesswork out of plant-based food preparation.

AND I am also giving away two copies of the @rootyfuel 7 Days of Plant Power e-book so stick around until the end.

Rootyfuel is an interactive online cooking school that equips you with all the tools and support you need to become a confident vegan food creator in your own kitchen.

Available as a 7-day e-book or the full 31-Days of Plant Power course, Rootyfuel gives you easy-to-follow recipes, video tutorials, shopping lists, and meal plans that will make bringing plant-based meals into your life easier than you thought.

It’s a vegan cooking course that will get you up to speed with preparing vegan breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks without leaving your own kitchen!

Follow @Rootyfuel to find out how you can subscribe to either the 7 or 31 day courses. Both courses would make a perfect gift.


I am giving away a copy of the 7-Days of Plant Power e-book to one winner and their friend! Read the rules below and get entering.

To enter:

– Follow both @fatgayvegan and @rootyfuel on Instagram
– Tag a friend in the comments under this post
– Enter multiple times by tagging a different account each time


– Winner and their tagged friend will be picked at random by @fatgayvegan to receive a copy of the 7-Days of Plant Power e-book
– All entrants must be over 18
– Closing date is midday on Monday 22nd November and the winners will be contacted within 24 hours

Learn to cook irresistible yet simple vegan food with @rootyfuel

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