Vegan mini news roundup October 6

This week’s podcast is all about the delicious vegan food I’ve eaten in London across the past 7 days.

Listen up if you want all the info on a new vegan Chinese takeaway, vegan Korean BBQ eating, a home delivery ready meal service, and deep fried apple pies.

FGV Mini News Roundup October 26, 2021 Fat Gay Vegan

If you wanna hear a convoluted story about a cable car and bad vegan nachos, this episode is for you. I also rant about a non-vegan restaurant using the term plant based. Oh yes, I’ve got scores to settle this week.
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  5. Fat Gay Vegan loves Truffle Pig in Sheffield and wants you to know about that and other facts!

Please do get in touch if there is anything you would like me to mention on the podcast. I’m happy to do shout outs for your favourite vegan eateries.

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