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Want to trade at a new vegan market in London?

It isn’t a stretch to say Hackney Downs Vegan Market was one of the most influential plant-based things to happen to London over the past 10 years.

The opening weekend welcomed approximately 5,000 people and the market acted as the launching pad for some of the most recognised vegan brands in the UK capital.

Ever since Hackney Downs Vegan Market came to an end, I’ve been thinking and dreaming of bringing another market to life.

It’s 2021 and I feel like it’s time to stop dreaming. I want to get a vegan market up and running again!

Fat Gay Vegan (that’s me) is teaming up with Buck Street Market on Camden Hight Street to launch a 5-day a week artisan market just for vegan products. Yes, that’s correct. 5-days a week, every week. The market will run 11am until 6pm from Wednesday until Sunday.

Vegan Makers at Buck Street is set to be a collection of stalls celebrating the best take home vegan products including deli items, cheese, pantry items homewares, clothing, candles, and personal products.

Located just a few steps from Camden Town Underground station on one of the busiest streets in the UK, Vegan Makers at Buck Street will be the most exciting place to shop in London for compassionate consumers.

Buck Street Market is a 3-level complex featuring rooftop bars, restaurants, street food, and shops. Vegan Makers will be in the central courtyard on street level, meaning our vegan stalls lead out to Camden High Street and are less than a 60-second walk from Camden Town Underground station.

Camden is undoubtedly the vegan centre of London and visitors to Buck Street will have a huge choice of places to dine in the area. Even though there will be no hot food on our market, Camden is simply overflowing with plant-based food outlets.

Buck Street Market itself is home to vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes, while legendary eateries Temple of Seitan and Purezza are only a 2-minute walk away (to name just two).

People can shop at Vegan Makers at Buck Street and then have the tough job of narrowing down the dozens of plant-based food choices in the neighbourhood.

The above photos shows what our stalls look like. They are white metal with folding doors on both sides, meaning traders can lock their stall at the end of each day and will only have to worry about transporting perishables each day. No clumsy stalls to pack up. No heavy gazebos to drag home.

Vegan Makers at Buck Street is a chance for vegan businesses and independent traders to have a mini shop in the heart of London without having to commit to huge rents and business rates. WiFi is available for traders to use for payment devices, while there will be limited electricity for some stalls.

This shopping district is one of the most desired in London and a spot in the Vegan Makers section will expose traders and brands to potentially tens of thousands of shoppers every day. Weekends on this street are particularly busy and a summertime coming out of lockdown means record numbers of shoppers are expected.

Examples of what we would love to see on the vegan market:

  • Cheese and deli items
  • Kombucha
  • Wine, spirits, and champagne to take home
  • Cake or patisserie
  • Personal care products
  • Zero waste
  • Candles and gifts
  • Cruelty free make up
  • Organic pantry items
  • Jewellery
  • Hats, shoes, sunglasses, and clothing

Vegan Makers at Buck Street plans to launch in June 2021.

We have great introductory rates for the first month (even lower if you commit to the full month). There is no market in Central London where you could trade in such a high profile spot at these prices.

If you are a trader and want more information about booking a stall, email josh@fgvpr.co.uk and he will fill you in. This market is for vegan products only and spots are offered for the full 5 days each week. There are no weekend-only spots.

PLEASE NOTE: there will be NO hot food or street food on the Vegan Makers section of Buck Street Market. There are many 100% vegan food spots in Camden right now and this artisan market has been designed to add value to the area for vegan visitors, not take away from businesses already in Camden.

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