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Vegan bakery and sweets to help homeless

Poster Bakes is a vegan bakery and social enterprise run by The Connection at St Martin’s, a homelessness charity that operates within Central London.

Poster Bakes started out by selling traditional deep-filled doughnuts, made fresh every day and delivered to people around London by bicycle.

As the second wave of lockdowns came in and with Christmas fast approaching, Poster Bakes launched their mail order mince pie kits, which could be delivered to people all over the UK to spread some cheer and festive magic in the run up to Christmas.

The social enterprise went on to launch deliciously-spiced hot cross bun baking kits in the run up to Easter and now offer their brand new range of vegan pick and mix! You can select your own or choose from one of their mouth-watering mixes.

All profits made through Poster Bakes go directly towards continuing The Connection’s work, helping thousands of people each year to move away from the streets. They will also be running kitchen classes for people experiencing homelessness to help give them the tools and knowledge to cook and make nutritious food decisions when they become housed.

The website is currently open for pick and mix orders that can be shipped around the UK, and Poster Bakes have plans to launch some delicious new baking kits within the next few months. If you would like to find out any more information about the work of The Connection, click here.

You can also follow Poster Bakes on Instagram.

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