Free vegan things I was given recently

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while!

I’ve popped onto the blog today to share photos of vegan products I have been gifted recently by brands and PR people.

Take a look below and be sure to click through to individual posts on Instagram if you want to scroll to see all photos and get more information.

Three Mills wine sent me a few bottles! UK-produced vegan wine available in chain stores around the country.

There is another stand alone post about the Oumph! products I was sent but I wanted to include it here because I love this main photo.

I got the new Fry’s vegan burger and I made a tasty meal! I love (and have even worked with!) Fry’s throughout the years, so this one was a pleasure.

Frank Dale Foods launched a bunch of new vegan frozen products including quiches. Click through to the post to see how their quiches looked when cooked.

Swizzels hooked me up with lots of sugary treats recently. They also included a stuffed avocado holding one of their Love Hearts. So sweet!

Sweet Yourself Vegan send gorgeous vegan pick n mix boxes out from their super sweet headquarters and I was a fortunate participant. Get over to their Instagram account to see more.

OmniPork is finally making waves in the UK after creating a lot of hype around the world. The plant-based pork alternative arrived very welcome to my kitchen.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my recent haul. Follow me on Instagram to see what else I’ve been consuming.

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