New vegan crisps

Do you love potato as much as I love potato?

It’s my favourite food no matter how it is served, but I am particularly in love with crisps.

Of course I never called them crisps until I moved to the UK. Growing up in Australia we called crisps chips and what UK people call chips, we called hot chips.


Anyway, back on track.

Mr Singh’s is a family-owned company from London. Known for their hot sauce, the company has branched out into crisp production!

At the moment, the crisps from Mr Singh’s are available in three flavours:

  • Chilli, lemon & cracked salt
  • Chilli, cheese & onion
  • Spicy tandoori chicken

You can order the crisps directly from Mr Singh’s website and look out for them in independent stores and online via The Vegan Kind Supermarket.

Follow Mr Singh’s on Instagram.

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  1. Get in my belly! Potatoes are the greatest.

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