Vegan Quarantine: Day 94

Welcome to Vegan Quarantine: Day 94. This daily video series is my way of keeping spirits high within the vegan community while also supporting independent business, charities, and musicians.

Links for everything discussed are included below.

The Vegan Society has a new podcast called The Vegan Pod. Watch episode one here:

Vegan Mob – Vegan BBQ and Soul Food restaurant in Oakland, CA is experiencing runaway success. Read more about them here:

V Rev Vegan Diner is giving their seitan fried vegan chicken recipe to anybody who donates to one of a list of racial justice charities. Find more info on their Instagram:

Recipe of the day. Vegan moussaka:

Music recommendation of the day. State of the Union (STFU) by Public Enemy:

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  1. I really appreciate your daily posts. They make me want to go to the UK as soon as this is over. Thank you.

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