Vegan Quarantine: Day 82

Welcome to Vegan Quarantine: Day 82. This daily video series is my way of keeping spirits high within the vegan community while also supporting independent business, charities, and musicians.

Links for everything discussed can be found below.

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Pied à Terre Restaurant, is a Michelin star restaurant in Charlotte Street, London. They are selling gourmet vegan ready meal boxes. Three course meal for two. Order online for London delivery:

Vegan Shop-Up is hosting a special collection only version of their market next week in Brooklyn. Order online:

Report Nigel Farage on Twitter for being a bigot and inciter of hate:

Donate money to Akwaaba migrant support centre in Hackney:

Order a golden hamper box for UK delivery from Lazy Day Foods Ltd:…/luxury-hamper-selection-cont…

Recipe of the day. Vegan aged Camembert cheese:

Music recommendation of the day. All The Things She Said by Poppy:

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