Vegan Quarantine: Day 2 video

Vegan Quarantine: Day 2

Here I am with Day 2 of my reach out video series during the global pandemic. These videos are to foster a sense of community for vegans around the world and to bring attention to some of the independent businesses, charities, and even bands that could use our help.

Please use the links below for all the mentions from the video:

Made In Hackney Community Cookery School fundraiser has passed 77%. Donate if you can:…

Homegrown Smoker in Portland has downsized and is doing delivery and pickup orders:

TheVeganKind Supermarket is delivering UK wide. £100 per order limit:

GreenBay UK vegan supermarket is delivering UK wide:

Kind Earth is a vegan community store in Llanelli, Wales. Order from them online:

Sheffield businesses closing for now. Follow on Instagram for updates:
The Incredible Nutshell…/
Make No Bones

Listen to this awesome band from Newcastle, Lanterns On The Lake. Stream their music and buy merch:…

Bandcamp is a place to buy and stream music by independent bands. The platform is waiving their revenue share on Friday March 20. Buy music if you can afford it:

I’m watching a wonderful series on Netflix called Gentefied. I love it. Give it a try!

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