Time to step up for a vegan legend

Vegans. This is your chance to use your compassionate shopping powers for good.

It is emergency time for legendary London vegan bakery, Ms. Cupcake.

As I mentioned a short while ago on my blog, the UK’s first 100% vegan bakery has decided to shut doors forever. If you missed it, you can read my emotional post online here.

Mellissa Morgan and the Ms. Cupcake business have been on the frontline of veganism for a decade and without her efforts, we would have experienced a very different march forward.

Mellissa pushed boundaries as an independent vegan business owner and showed just how much demand there was for plant based foods. Being inundated with vegan food in 2020 is thanks to pioneers just like Ms. Cupcake.

So they are shutting down, but there has been even more devastating news for the bakery and Mellissa just two weeks out from closing date.

The business was booked to appear at the huge Vegan Life Live show in London this weekend (March 14 and 15, 2020) but with last minute notice, the vegan mega show was cancelled due to concerns about large events contributing to the spread of coronavirus.

While this was obviously an extremely tough decision for the show organisers, this has left Mellissa and her vegan bakery holding thousands and thousands of pounds worth of extra stock that was destined to be sold at the show.

Mellissa told me:

We are desperately trying to close on a positive note, but the idea of all of these products going to waste is heart wrenching for the whole team who has been working so hard. Financially, it is quite disastrous for our small business.

Vegans, this is where we need to do one last act of support and compassion for someone who has done so much for us.

Go the the Ms. Cupcake website NOW and up until March 20, 2020 and order delicious vegan cakes and treats to be delivered to your home or office.

You can choose from four categories of sweetness:

  • Vegan tray bakes
  • Vegan cookie sandwiches
  • Vegan brownies
  • Vegan American-style cookies

Click here NOW to buy one last big bundle of vegan goodies from this legendary vegan business. Help them go out on a high and with a few less bills!

Buy treats for your home, your workplace, a neighbour, a loved one, someone you are trying to expose to veganism, and most importantly for yourself.

If we can join forces to send as much love and cash in the direction of the Ms. Cupcake bakery as possible, we might just be able to help them have a smile on their faces as the doors shut for the final time.

Order from the online store now or before March 20, 2020 for delivery in the UK or for collection in store.

If you can make it along to the shop in Brixton before it closes, please note they have extended their opening times to include Mondays. This means they will be open EVERY SINGLE DAY until March 29, 2020.

Come on, vegans. Let’s do this.

Let’s put a bit of effort into helping send this legendary vegan business out with a bang. Order cake, cookies, and tray bakes now.

Extra note: you can also order a signed copy of the best-selling Ms. Cupcake recipe book. Already got it? Click here to order another. They make great gifts.

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