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With all the intense and feverish attention given to mainstream non-vegan restaurant chains serving vegan options, I wanted to take a step back and give some space to the true legends of the vegan food scene.

I’ve compiled a list of my top ten favourite vegan restaurants and eateries on the planet as a way to celebrate the people who put animals first.

This list is current as of February 2020 and is as accurate as I can recall. Some places would have made this list had they not sadly closed. I also am aware that I am missing a whole bunch of amazing vegan spots that I haven’t had a chance to visit, so please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.

Are you ready for FGV’s Ten Favourite Vegan Restaurants On The Planet?

Por Siempre Vegana Taqueria (Mexico City, Mexico)

Tacos are more than just food in Mexico. They are an inextricable part of the culture. Late night and early morning taco stands are on every corner, making this cuisine the most popular and most eaten in the city.

Por Siempre launched a vegan version of a traditional taco stand six years ago and it quickly became one of the absolute must visit locations for vegans. The business has recently expanded and now boasts a second spot featuring chairs and tables.

Temple of Seitan (London, United Kingdom)

Temple of Seitan is more than just a place to get irresistible comfort food. It is a food company that has become world-famous and unquestionably legendary.

The first location of this fried vegan chicken powerhouse turned the world of plant-based eating upside down when it opened in Hackney, East London. With a second spot in Camden and more expansions soon to follow, Temple is set for world domination.

Vedge (Philadelphia, United States of America)

If you haven’t dined with Vedge, I promise you haven’t dined with the best vegan restaurant on the planet.

Until Kate Jacoby and Rich Landau launched their super swanky (yet still incredibly welcoming) Vedge restaurant, I wasn’t certain that I had ever truly eaten exceptional vegan cuisine. My multiple trips to the Philadelphia-based restaurant have forced me to reconsider everything I know about good food.

Eating at Vedge is bucket list material.

Tian Ran (Gold Coat, Australia)

This restaurant located at Mermaid Beach on Australia’s Gold Coast means more to me than I can effectively express. Living in nearby Brisbane wasn’t always amazing for vegans (it has changed BIG time) so Tian Ran was my sanctuary.

Their menu is overflowing with some of my favourite dishes on the planet including olive fried rice, crispy bean curd, noodles, and drumsticks. I adore Tian Ran and I miss them deeply.

Veggie Grill (multiple locations, United States of America)

The first time I actually adored a salad instead of eating it out of duty was probably at a Veggie Grill location.

This chain of casual quick service restaurants is consistently high quality. They serve the perfect mix of comfort dishes (wings, burgers) with decadent salads packed with kale.

Veggie Grill is expanding rapidly around the USA. Eat with them when you can for pure happiness and satisfaction. Extra note: make drinking their strawberry lemonade a priority.

Plant Power Fast Food (multiple locations, United States of America)

Vegan junk food (junk is not a bad word!) is a reality thanks to Plant Power Fast Food. With seven locations and a food truck spread out across Southern California, the chain is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the fast food industry.

Plant Power recreate all your favourite foods of pre-vegan times without hurting any animals, including breakfast muffins, shakes, fries, and stacked burgers.

Young Vegans (London, United Kingdom)

Not only are Carla and Marco dear friends of mine, they are also bloody talented food creators. Their pie and mash outlet in Camden, London is unquestionably one of the best places to eat on this planet.

Crispy pie shells, hot savoury fillings, creamy mash, and decadent gravy will be your reward if you make the effort to visit the shop. I would eat there every day if I could.

Napfényes Étterem (Budapest, Hungary)

During my first visit to this Hungarian restaurant and gourmet bakery, I almost started crying from the pure joy. Seriously. It was an intensely emotional experience for me.

Traditional Hungarian cuisine turned vegan by their impossibly talented chef makes this the finest vegan restaurant in Europe. The glass cases near the restaurant’s entrance are piled high with pastry items that cannot be bettered in my opinion.

So What? (Rome, Italy)

Imagine traditional Italian food bursting with flavour. Imagine gnocchi. Imagine creamy tiramisu. Fried pasta. Ravioli. Now imagine this all done vegan.

So What? is the restaurant of your dreams if you adore Italian food. I was so shocked at how utterly delicious everything was during my visit, I kept pinching myself to make sure it wasn’t a dream.


Doomie’s Home Cookin’ (Hollywood, United States of America)

Imagine being the happiest you can be. Imagine your happiest of happy places. Where do you see yourself?

When I close my eyes and think happy thoughts, I picture myself sitting at a table in Doomie’s with a vegan chicken basket in front of me and a jumbo soda off to the side.

Comfort food rarely comes more delicious than at Doomie’s.

This list is of course my own personal opinion. Feel free to assert your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

A few notable mentions that didn’t make the top ten but came extremely close include:

V-REV Vegan Diner (Manchester, United Kingdom)

Wulf & Lamb (London, United Kingdom)

Sage Bistro (Los Angeles and Pasadena, United States of America)

What The Pitta (multiple locations, United Kingdom)

Arancini Brothers (London, United Kingdom)

Vinh Loi Tofu (Los Angeles, United States of America)

Grassfed (Brisbane, Australia)

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