Best vegan curry in the UK

I was recently invited by Pho to pop into one of their restaurants to try the new vegan Christmas menu.

In case you don’t know, Pho is a restaurant chain around the UK serving up amazing Vietnamese street food and a quarter of their menu just happens to be vegan, making it a loved destination for plant based eaters.

The Christmas menu is not seasonal specific food but rather focussed on giving you the choice of two courses for £14.50 or three courses for £18.50.

The menus have been designed with groups in mind such office Christmas parties, seasonal meet-ups for friends, and family dinners. It is the perfect place to suggest if you are being dragged along for a mandatory end of year dinner because there is SO MUCH vegan choice.

Check out the vegan Christmas menu for Pho below.

I ate a few things in order to give you some feedback (research purposes only!) and I was blown away. As always, the vegan options at Pho are amongst some of the best dishes on the planet in my opinion.

First up I had the Chả giò. These crispy spring rolls are served with lettuce and herbs for wrapping before plunging into the accompanying dip. I picked the peanut dip but you can opt for soy ginger sauce.

I also tried two mains. They offered! What was I meant to do?

I had the giant bowl of Phở chay, featuring tofu and button mushrooms in veggie broth with rice noodles. This dish was simply delicious.

My final dish was Cà-ri. This rich, fragrant Vietnamese curry with tofu and
mushrooms was topped with nuts and served with broken rice.

This was the tastiest and most enjoyable curry I’ve eaten in my life. I will order it every single time I return to a Pho restaurant, without fail.

Make sure you get along before Christmas to enjoy the Christmas menu prices.

The restaurants do also serve meat but are extremely proud of their vegan options and do everything they can to make plant based diners feel at home.

Click here to visit the Pho website and find your nearest location.

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  1. Perfect – was just looking at somewhere to eat in Bristol and your post appeared FGV. Pho looks amazing for vegans!

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