Vegan pork scratchings

Pork scratchings are a VERY particular product.

Put the animal cruelty aside for a second and some people just don’t like the salty crunchy things at all, while some people adore the traditional pub snack.

For people who were fans of pork scratchings after a few pints in the pub, there is great news.

Two passionate pork scratching fanatics have taken it upon themselves to create a vegan version of this divisive snack.

And they are running a Kickstarter campaign to get the compassionate version into pubs around the UK.

The founders of Vegan Pig said:

We never dreamed we would end up with a product that not only tasted so great, but was so similar to a pork scratching in both texture and in taste.

We’ve overcome challenge after challenge, but now, our next step is getting Vegan Pig into production.

We’re asking the Kickstarter community for £5200. This money will help us scale up our production and get our pig snacks out into the world – as well as helping us meet the minimum orders required to use 100% recyclable packaging.

Once we begin to produce them, we’ll be able to go from pub to pub to sell this delicious snack – so you can all give them a go yourself, with a nice cold pint.

If you check out their Kickstarter page right now, you’ll see they have already broken through that fundraising target!

It seems vegan pork scratchings are an in demand product.

You still have a week remaining to get behind this project and of course some of the reward levels include your own packets of Vegan Pig pork scratchings when the first retail packs are produced.

Click here to read more and pledge and follow Vegan Pig on Instagram.

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