New vegan menu at Chiquito in UK

The UK’s biggest Mexican restaurant Chiquito has launched a new vegan menu and Oumph! is now featured in two new plant-based dishes.

Keep reading for details on the two Oumph! dishes as well as an overview of the entire vegan menu.

• Vegarrito – Salty & Smoky Oumph! Black beans, jalapeño slaw, rice and greens wrapped in a spinach tortilla. Served with tortilla chips and a side of Oatly creamy oat fraiche.

• Vegan Fiesta Fajita – All of the favourite flavours from their classic fajitas filled with Salty & Smoky Oumph! Served with Violife vegan cheddar style cheese and Oatly creme fraiche, Pico de Gallo salsa, guacamole and unlimited tortillas.

“We are particularly proud of our new vegan menu”, says Chiquito Managing Director Angelo Gabrilatsou. “Having guest choice at the heart and understanding growing trends, this menu allows Chiquito to be more accessible to guests that seek vegan options.”

Angelo Gabrilatsou continues:

“We are very fortunate that Mexican food lends itself very well to vegan and our new additions bring amazing tastes and textures that will appeal not only to vegans but to all our guests. We are incredibly excited about this menu and firmly believe it puts us at the forefront of vegan dining in the UK.”

The new vegan menu will be available now at all Chiquito sites. The company currently has almost 70 locations around the UK.

Click here to search for your nearest location on their website or keep reading for an overview of the new vegan menu.

The new vegan menu at Chiquito features the following items:


  • Cassava Fries
  • Vegan Nachos
  • Sweet Potato Skins
  • Banana Blossom Croquette


  • Vegan Fiesta Fajita
  • Oumph Bbq Fajita Sauce
  • Oumph Hot Habanero Fajita Sauce
  • Banana Blossom Burger
  • Jackfruit Baja Tacos
  • Palm Heart Baja Bowl
  • Vegarrito


  • Mexican Rice
  • Citrus Salad
  • Skin On Fries
  • Sweet Potato Fries


  • Passionfruit Sorbet
  • Chocolate Coconut Lava Cake
  • Small Churros With Chocolate Sauce
  • Large Churros With Chocolate Sauce
  • Vanilla Nice Cream

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