Sensational vegan brunch in Mexico City

Every single vegan in Mexico City knows all about the incredible food served at Por Siempre Vegana Taquería, but not everybody is familiar with their weekend brunch.

The vegan taco restaurant is my favourite place to eat in the Mexican capital but for some reason brunch had also passed me by.

I corrected that mistake today when Gil and I visited. I can’t believe I left it this long!

Everything was truly delicious.

The French toast served with fresh fruit set the mood and we washed it down with hot chocolate and orange juice.

Our mains were the torta de chilaquiles (a crunchy bread roll filled with fried tortillas, red salsa, onion, coriander, cream, and cheese) as well as the huarache (big tortilla topped with beans, nopales, cream, curd cheese, and seitan steak).

We were both extremely satisfied.

Por Siempre actually has two locations within minutes of each other. The taco stand on the street and the sit cafe style location.

You can get all the direction and opening hours details for both spots on the Por Siempre Facebook page.

Written by fatgayvegan

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