Vegan eating with airlines

Big news this week involves a new vegan lasagne offering on the latest Ryanair inflight menu.

Coupled with all the other amazing advancements we are seeing around the, veganism is showing no signs of slowing down.

The vegan lasagne (and other snack and drink offerings) on Ryanair got me thinking about a few predictions I made in the ‘Future of Veganism’ chapter of my book Fat Gay Vegan: Eat, Drink and Live Like You Give a Sh!t.

See this short excerpt below:

As we explored in the vegan travel chapter, life on the road for those wanting plant-based sustenance is improving and I believe we are set to see significant improvements. It stands to reason that the more we flex our compassionate consumer muscle, the more airlines will be willing to explore making vegan food available to passengers. In a ‘you read it hear first’ moment, I expect a major airline to replace their vegetarian inflight option with completely plant-based menus very soon. It might have already happened by the time this book hits shelves.

Not only is it a more inclusive policy to make the vegetarian meal a vegan option (everyone can eat vegan, only vegetarians and some animal eaters would choose to eat the vegetarian option), it makes complete financial sense. Why create an extra meal category when you can cover a lot of bases with vegan food? Airlines operate just like any other business looking to squeeze extra profit and I think we will see some fundamental changes to vegan food offerings based on the bottom line alone.

The vegan food expansion for travellers will not just be confined to eating in the air. Food on trains, ferries and other forms of transportation has already started to become more inclusive for vegans. A recent blog post guest written for me by a reader showcased a fancy three-course meal on a ferry company called Viking Line that runs between Stockholm and Helsinki. I’ve even ordered a hot vegan burger whilst traveling on a train down the Californian coastline. I honestly almost fell over when I saw a vegan burger option featured on the dining carriage menu.

I’m thrilled to see my predictions starting to play out and I’m excited to see how things will change during the next year or two.

Surely it isn’t unreasonable to think we will have a fully vegan airline menu in the not too distant future?!

To read more of my predictions you can order my book via Hive (makes order via your local independent bookstore), Amazon, WH Smith, Foyles, and Audible.

Written by fatgayvegan

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  1. This is excellent news! Love the bit about Why create an extra meal category when you can cover a lot of bases with vegan food?” So true!

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