Vegan food in hospital

Guest post by Mirel.

Hospital food has had a bad reputation for decades. Never mind vegan hospital food, which I’ve never had to try and find before now. I recently had an operation which required an overnight stay in a London hospital. Ahead of time I contacted the hospital to put in my request for vegan meals and hoped for the best.

They confirmed vegan meals would be provided for me but couldn’t give me exact details of what would be available. I had the lowest of expectations and asked my loved ones to be on standby to source a packed lunch from outside if needed!

The day came, the operation was a success and this was my post-op meal, a combination of lunch and dinner due to the timings on the day.

They brought me round a jacket potato with double beans, a hummus sandwich on brown bread with crisps and a side salad. Dessert was a fruit bowl with melon, grapes and pineapple pieces. I was impressed! Nothing here was groundbreaking but it was thoughtfully put-together, healthy, tasty and filling.

Even my visitors were impressed! Though perhaps this was because there was no need for anyone to do an emergency dash to the nearest food retailer.

The real fun came the next morning when breakfast arrived. They brought me avocado on sourdough toast, a large bowl of porridge with maple syrup, another round of toast with peanut butter and another fruit bowl.

It’s one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had, which was extra welcome in the circumstances!

FGV note: this stay was in a private hospital.

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  1. Not bad! Most private hospitals seem to do at least that well. If you want to see something really shocking, check out some of the photos of vegan hospital food sent to this page The baked potato and beans is a regular!

  2. Almost makes you want to go to hospital…

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