Loss of a vegan pioneer

The following news was shared on social media.

This news is deeply upsetting.

My thoughts are with Antonio’s family and friends.

I cannot speak on how devastating his loss will be for his loved ones, but I can speak on what it means to vegan London.

Antonio elevated vegan food in the capital to another level.

His food wasn’t just food. It was high end cuisine made with expertise. Antonio’s hard work and skill made his Bethnal Green restaurant one of the finest eateries in Europe.

My few visits to the restaurant gave me culinary experiences I will never forget.

In a world filled with grey, mass-produced food, Antonio stood above the crowd with handcrafted pasta that was lovingly created and proudly served.

I thank Antonio’s family and friends for sharing this compassionate, friendly, and wildly talented human with our community.

Photo: antoniosvegankitchen.co.uk

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  1. Terribly sad news.

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