Legendary Mexican eatery opens in USA

Fantastic vegan news out of Miami, Florida.

Already a success in Tulum, Mexico where Chef Charly first opened his food truck in the jungle on New Year’s Eve 2016, Charly’s Vegan Tacos has now arrived in Miami to revolutionise the vegan food scene.

“The first year we opened in Tulum, we lost a lot of money. We were about to close when high season arrived and people finally started to turn up from what must have been word of mouth. And now we are opening in Miami! It is a great feeling to to be taking what we call our ‘Hip Dining’ concept to Florida”, says restaurant founder Charly.

Charly applies his past experience as Executive Chef at some of the best steak houses in Mexico City to make vegetables taste and feel like authentic Mexican cuisine with very similar textures and flavours to that of meat.

“What’s amazing for us in Tulum is that about 80% of our customers are regular meat eaters. We are not here to judge as I used to love meat. When I started eating vegan what I missed the most was the feeling of eating animal protein. Now I’ve eaten vegan so long I don’t miss it, but these recipes helped me stay on track in the beginning. Charly’s Vegan Tacos is my best effort to bring this marriage of food types to everyone so we can all eat less meat without missing the textures and flavours we have grown to love so much”, Charly told me.

The Wynwood, Miami location evolved from the Tulum concept by creating a full service dining experience, with Starters (labelled as Antojitos on the menu), Tacos, Mains and Desserts. See the full Miami menu online here. It is amazing!

Charly’s Vegan Tacos is located on 172 NW 24th St, Wynwood, Miami. See the exact location thanks to Google Maps.

You can follow Charly’s Vegan Tacos on Instagram and Facebook. The Miami location is currently open Tuesday to Sunday from 5:30pm until late.

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