Vegan dining in a non-vegan cafe

I believe a real mark of how vegan-friendly a city is becoming is when vegan options start popping up all over menus at non-vegan restaurants and cafes.

And that is exactly what is happening in Mexico City.

It has taken many years, but slowly I’m starting to see more and more vegan options.

Take my recent trip to La Salvación as an example.

This non-vegan cafe in the Escandón neighbourhood has a great vegan line-up alongside their non-vegan menu. In addition to gorgeous savoury tacos, they also serve soups and sweet breads including pan de muerto.

There is even a small showing of plant and nut based milks for takeaway purchases!

If you are in Mexico City, you can visit La Salvación at this address.

You can follow La Salvación on Instagram.

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