New vegan pizza place in London

Get ready, London.

You are about the experience the power and deliciousness of brick fired vegan pizza thanks to the same team that brought you vegan pie and mash.

Carla and Marco of Young Vegans have stepped away from the Camden pie shop just long enough to start Death by Pizza, a gourmet pizza outlet located in Netil Market, East London.

Yes, they still have their pie and mash shop in Camden but they are also launching this gourmet pizza joint over a special grand opening weekend this Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 October, 2018. They will be serving between midday and 6:00pm, continuing every weekend going forward.

Look out for extended hours in the future!

Every scrap of food is made fresh by Death by Pizza and that includes dough, vegan meats, and their very own vegan mozzarella. This is artisan stuff!

You should follow Death by Pizza on Instagram. I am helping them celebrate their official opening by running an FGV Follower Drive. We want to get them to 2,000 followers for the grand opening!

See the exact location of Death by Pizza thanks to Google Maps.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I’m so tired of everything being in East London…

    • I say this daily! I also discuss opening my own café daily, then realise I am broke lol!

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