New vegan honey in the UK

Honey is an animal product and therefore not suitable for vegans.

Did you know?! It is produced by bees for themselves and not for human use.

Veganista Limited is now selling BEE APPROVED, a sweetener that looks and tastes like honey but with no bees harmed in its production. It is suitable for those who love honey, but prefer not to consume it.

BEE APPROVED can be used raw or cooked, as a garnish, or as the main ingredient in a variety of dishes including desserts, yogurts, sauces, or even cocktails.

And what is it made from?

BEE APPROVED is derived from brown rice syrup. It is made by breaking down the starch content of cooked rice, turning it into easily digestible sugars. I used to eat this stuff all the time in Australia, where it is found in all major supermarkets. I’m thrilled to see the product being launched in the UK.

It comes in 250g or 150g jars, which are aimed at home consumption. The company also offer a single serve jar of 35g that is suitable for hotels and restaurants, and an individual sachet that can be taken everywhere, including on holidays, so people will never miss out on their favourite treat.

BEE APPROVED is available to buy from the Veganista Limited website (for personal consumers and business trade) and globally via their Etsy store.

You can also follow BEE APPROVED on Instagram.

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