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This is a very brief post in order to share a link with you.

I am sick of reading and hearing about myself go on about the importance of supporting independent vegan business, so I can only imagine how you all feel.


It is crucial that we shop with vegan owned businesses. It helps keep animals at the centre of the vegan message, it helps keep money in local communities, and it helps people create sustainable and fair employment for themselves.

In line with this thinking, Charley of The Incredible Nutshell in Sheffield has created a Google Map to highlight independent vegan grocery stores around the UK.

Click here to take a look. Please make time to visit one or more when you can and if one is nearby your house, make it a regular shopping destination.

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  1. Great! I wanted to share the link on Twitter, but the map can’t be shared, since it’s private, and the owner needs to change permissions.

  2. There’s no need to promote surveillance capitalism and corporate lock-in. [OpenVegeMap]( is a community effort that uses open data from OpenStreetMap.

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