Vegan fish and chip shop opens in London

Sutton & Sons, the family run chippy, is launching London’s first stand-alone vegan fish & chip shop.

Opening at 240 Graham Road from 4th October, 2018, the restaurant will serve its signature vegan fish and chips made from banana blossom. A bespoke menu of gourmet vegan fast food dishes, desserts and soft and alcoholic drinks will also be available.

Danny Sutton, owner of Sutton & Sons said, “We’ve been completely gob smacked by the popularity of our vegan menu. People have visited us from all over the country, just to try our take on vegan fish. We didn’t have space in the Hackney branch like at Stoke Newington and Essex Road to provide the vegan menu, so we are chuffed to now provide a space dedicated to our new vegan customers.”

Sample menu:

(Prices the same for eat-in or takeaway)

  • Fish & chips £7.50
  • Fish burger £6.00
  • Battered sausage & chips £5.50
  • Prawn cocktail £5.50
  • Scampi and chips £6.00
  • Pie and mash £7.50

They have even created vegan friendly homemade tartare sauce for your dipping needs.

After successfully trialling different vegan options in January, Sutton & Sons previously rolled out a vegan menu in Stoke Newington & Essex Road branches. The vegan fish was so successful they sold out in the first week of the menu becoming full time.

You can follow the vegan Sutton & Sons on Instagram.

You can click here to see the exact location of the new vegan chippy thanks to Google Maps. It is just around the corner from Temple of Hackney, a 100% vegan owned and operated food business run by Temple of Seitan.

The new vegan Sutton & Sons is just a 20-minute walk from Hackney Downs Vegan Market, which is now on every Saturday and Sunday.

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  1. People go vegan because of a myriad of reasons, but a large % do it for the animals and actively BOYCOTT companies who profit from the exploitation of animals. I for one will skip PAST this place to Temple of seitan a 100% Vegan business who’s morals match mine. I cant stand companies wanting to make a buck from the vegan pound. F off! Stand by your convictions and make your total business vegan, you can just exploit us vegans now and leave the fishes in the sea!!

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