Money raised for Isla Urbana

With Vegan Beer Fest UK events a distant memory for 2018, it is time to count the money we raised for Mexico City water charity Isla Urbana.

At each vegan beer event, we host a karaoke space where we encourage people to have fun AND donate spare coins to our cause.

And what is our cause?

We donate all money raised from these charioke (get it?) sessions to Isla Urbana, a charity working hard to bring water security to households, schools, and businesses in Mexico City and other locations around the country.

Mexico faces a water crisis. In large parts of the country, including the Valley of Mexico, the situation is critical. The World Bank and CONAGUA, project important water shortages by 2030, seriously affecting access for millions of people. Even today, there are more than 250 thousand people in Mexico City without a connection to the mains network.

Ironically, while the city suffers from increasing scarcity, every year thousands of millions of litres of rainwater are washed down the drain or allowed to cause serious flood. This water should be used!

Isla Urbana are tackling this problem head on by installing rainwater harvesting systems, bringing usable water to people in need.

Our collection drive at the recent Vegan Beer Fest UK events raised the following amounts:

  • London £180
  • Coventry £145
  • Glasgow £130
  • Sheffield £115

We threw in a few extra pound to take the final amount donated to £600.

It is a real thrill for me that our vegan events in the UK can do a little bit of good for Mexico.

If you would like to donate to the wonderful charity that is Isla Urbana, you can do so online right now.

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