Beer list for Sheffield Vegan Beer Fest 2018

It is finally here!

Of course we get excited about the food offerings at Sheffield Vegan Beer Fest, but the name of the event should be enough to let you know the biggest star of the day is the drink.

The beer being poured on the day is listed below, so take a look and be sure to buy your cheap £4 advance ticket online here.

Extra note: there is a scattering of cider on the list as well as some low and no alcohol beers. The venue bar will be serving vegan wine, soft drinks, tea, and coffee (with vegan milks).

BAD SEED BREWERY – Award-winning range of beers from this brewery in Malton, North Yorkshire

  • Border Town – 4.2%ABV (cask) – American Rye. Aggressively hopped pale with the classic Cascade hop. The spiciness of rye amplifies that citrusy, piney hop flavour and lends some added complexity to the malt bill
  • Code Blue – 5.0%ABV (keg) – Blueberry Wit brewed in collaboration with the Rook and Gaskill to celebrate our 5th birthday. A huge hit of blueberries meets a soft wheat and oat base in this American style wit beer. A taste of summertime!
  • End Game – 5.0%ABV (cask) – New England Pale. Ultra hazy, juicy hit of US hops with soft bitterness and big tropical fruit flavour. Chinook, Amarillo and El Dorado crammed into this beauty. Let the juice loose!
  • Glass Case of Emotion – 8.3%ABV (cask) – Collaboration with Wild Weather Ales. An Imperial Stout with almond, cherries and sweet spices. Dessert in liquid form, aged in cask for 15 months which has intensified the flavours
  • Murk Merchant – 5.8%ABV (keg) – Ultra hazy, ultra hoppy crushable IPA. Super soft bitterness with a pale malt & oat base and huge juiciness from Mosaic, Cascade, Chinook & Columbus. Similar to a NEIPA style but drier. A huge hit of US hops with big tropical fruit characteristics
  • Red Ink – 5.0%ABV (keg) – Rhubarb and hibiscus kettle sour. Super refreshing, with deep red colour. Rhubarb sweetness meets tart sourness and spice from the hibiscus. This beer is so much fun!
  • Session IPA Bravo, Comet, Azacca – 4.0%ABV (keg) – Easy drinking abv, full on hop flavour. Bravo, Comet and Azacca hops combine to give flavours of citrus and tropical fruit with a grapefruit aroma
  • Short Stop – 3.0%ABV (cask) – Hoppy table beer. All day abv, big hop character. Notes of grapefruit and citrus from Centennial, Columbus, Cascade & Comet hops. Soft malt and oat base makes for a big mouthfeel and combines perfectly to deliver a juicy little number

HEAVY INDUSTRY BREWING – award-winning microbrewery in Henllan, North Wales

  • 77 – 4.9%ABV (keg) – A big amber IPA style beer brewed with the finest pale and crystal malts. Heavily hopped with Columbus and Cascade, then dry hopped with Mosaic and Simcoe whilst conditioning. The flavour of dark Seville marmalade is backed up by a piney, peppery bitterness. Beware, this beer bites!
  • Blod Wen – 4.4%ABV (keg) – Brewed using fresh elderflowers from the Vale of Clwyd and fermented with a mixed culture then dry hopped. Lovely floral coriander aroma and pleasant residual sweetness and a little funk
  • Chinese Burn – 6.5%ABV (keg) – Pale ale brewed w/ wheat & oats for a full body & rye for a subtle spicy kick. It’s then hopped w/ Simcoe, Northdown, Admiral, Amarillo & Sorachi Ace. Dangerously drinkable, this has a flavour reminiscent of peaches & cream
  • Diawl Bach – 3.8%ABV (keg) – A sessionable pale ale. The blend of huge US hops mean that this little devil punches way above his weight. Dry hopped with Amarillo, Cascade and Citra whilst conditioning. A fruity hop bomb
  • Eurotrash – 5.5%ABV (keg) – Belgian style IPA. Our “Belgish” IPA! Pilsner & a touch of Munich malts form a solid backbone which is complemented with bitterness from Brewers Gold hops. This beer is then hopped with Amarillo, Cascade, Simcoe, Summit & Magnum for a full- on citrussy aroma, and fermented with a Belgian strain of yeast. Very hoppy with a refreshing crisp bitterness!
  • Forza! – 4.5%ABV (keg) – Fruity Session Pale Ale. Pale and Cara malts give this pale ale a firm foundation to allow the layers of US hops to shine. Massive late hop additions of Galaxy, Citra, Mosaic and Mandarina Bavaria give pronounced tropical fruit flavours, which are accentuated by the dry hopping and balanced by a smooth bitterness
  • La Vie en Rose – 4.0%ABV (keg) – mixed fermentation sour with Pilsner malts, hibiscus flowers, raspberries and styrian cardinal hops for a delicate raspberry sorbet kinda thing
  • Le Bulot D’Or D’amour – 5.4%ABV (keg) – A dry hopped fruity saison pale with restrained spice. Refreshing & spicy!
  • Nelson’s Eye – 4.4%ABV (keg) – NZ Hopped Pale Ale. A golden ale, using Nelson Sauvin hops for flavour and aroma. This unique hop from New Zealand evokes white grape skins, tropical fruits and citrus. Dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin whilst conditioning. This bitter beer is a real eye opener, watch as it walks off the bar
  • Pigeon Toed Orange Peel – 5.2%ABV (keg) – Hefeweissen. A cloudy orange hefeweissen style beer brewed with the finest Pale and Wheat malts. Featuring Mandarina Bavaria a rare and experimental German hop. Notes of cloves, pears and pineapple underlay a big freshly squeezed orange taste. Also dry hopped with Mandarina Bavaria whilst conditioning

THREE HILLS BREWING – creating unconventional lagers and experimental ales in Woodford, Northamptonshire

  • Bretted IPA – 6.0%ABV (keg) – Fermented with New England IPA yeast then Brettanomyces (aka Brett yeast). Beautiful citrus, tropic tang with a delicate funkiness
  • Death by Drupe – 8.0%ABV (keg) – Big stout with a coconut infusion. It won’t kill you, but it’s dangerously drinkable
  • Gluten Reduced Citra – 3.4%ABV (keg) – Single hop pale ale brewed with citra and fermented with new England yeast strain. A little juicy with low gluten
  • Pomegranate Saision – 5.2%ABV (330ml bottle) – Light pomegranate aroma underpinned by a classic saison base. A collaboration brew with Jelley Distilleries
  • Session Lager – 3.8%ABV (keg) – Straw coloured session beer, generously hopped with Spalt Select, Citra and Mosaic. Fermented with house yeast strain and cold conditioned for 4 weeks
  • South Pacific Wheat – 5.5%ABV (330ml bottle) – A vibrant and refreshing Wheat beer using two hops hailing from the South Pacific region: Nelson Sauvin and Vic Secret
  • Super Thai PA – 5.5%ABV (330ml bottle) – An aromatic and light Pale Ale infused with double the amount of Lemongrass, Ginger, and Kaffir Lime
  • Trium Florum – 6.0%ABV (750ml bottle) – Farmhouse Saison infused with a blend of Hibiscus, Marigold & Elderflower. The appearance is bright pink and palette delicately floral, fruity and spicy
  • Trium Humulus – 7.5%ABV (750ml bottle) – Fermented dry with Champagne yeast, then dry hopped with a trio of fruity hops; Mosaic, Vic Secret & Nelson Sauvin. The body is light and aroma distinctly hoppy. Best shared fresh for maximum aroma

TWISTED BARREL ALES – Coventry brewery using a unique mix of modern and classical styles and methods

  • Detroit Sour City – 4.0%ABV (keg) – Dry Hop Sour. A dry hopped Berliner Weisse, lemon sherbet and mango combine in this ridiculously refreshing beer
  • Djentle – 2.7%ABV (can) – Table Beer. A heavily dry hopped light pale, with orange and lime citrus flavour from the Amarillo and Centennial hop combo
  • I Am The Muffin – 5.5%ABV (can) – Belgian Blonde. Traditional light Belgian blonde, brewed with Ardennes yeast and hopped with Citra hops for a lightly fruity, juicy finish and bubble gum aroma
  • Kazan – 5.5%ABV (can) – American Pale Ale. Soft, juicy American pale, hopped with the classic Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe combo
  • Sine Qua Non – 4.5%ABV (keg) – Session IPA. A classic West Coast style session IPA, hoppy notes of pine and citrus support by a solid biscuit malt backbone
  • The Great Went – 4.0%ABV (can) – Hefeweissen. Easy drinking German style wheat beer with banana, clove and citrus notes
  • Nirvana – Chakra – 1.00%ABV – Find alignment, let the energy flow…. American hopped low alcohol pale ale with fresh notes of passionfruit, pine & a light bitter finish
  • Nirvana – Karma – 0.50%ABV – Alcohol Free Pale Ale – light, refreshing pale ale with classic citrus and floral hop aromas
  • Nirvana – Kosmic – 0.00%ABV – Alcohol Free Stout – rich malt flavour
  • HOGANS French Revelation – 4.8%ABV – Gluten free Cider with tannic, sweet flavour
  • HOGANS Harvest Press – 5.3%ABV – Gluten free still, cloudy cider
  • HOGANS Panking Pole – 6.2%ABV ABV – Gluten free strong cider. Authentic, traditional, strong, complex & dry as a bone

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