Help the LGBTQ+ centre get established

You know life in London is tough, right?

Now take that level of difficulty and consider how much more tough it gets for members of LGBTQ+ communities.

We face isolation. We experience high levels of alcohol and drug dependency. We live with threats of violence. We are marginalised by mainstream media and politicians. We are often rejected by families.

A fabulous collective of humans in London wants to help redress some of these hardships and oppressive forces by opening the London LFBTQ+ Community Centre.

Check out this video:

Queer spaces in London are traditionally based around drinking and spending money (and even these spots are being removed), so it is crucial that LGBTQ+ people have a safe space that doesn’t cost them the Earth to access.

The centre is to be set up in east London and a fundraising campaign is underway to ensure the launch is successful and leads to a long life for the centre.

The centre will be a drop in space, a social space, and a activism space.

If you know anything about London you will not need me to tell you that it is a ridiculously expensive city. This is why the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre needs your support.

Cold, hard cash is going to get this crucial community space secured for our people.

Please click here to visit the campaign page and donate what you can.

Share this campaign widely. Lives are on the line and you can make a difference.

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