New vegan food range launches in London shops

Say hello to The Plantifull Food Co.

This brand new, 100% vegan food provider has just launched a range of ready meals and they look tasty.

The Plantifull range of four chilled vegan ready meals (Creamy Mac, Gluten-Free Creamy Mac, Shroomy Risotto, Three-Bean Chilli) are now available in 30 London stores including As Nature Intended, Eat17, Harvest, GreenBay Supermarket and Planet Organic.

Based on the glowing reviews I’ve seen, it shouldn’t be long until the range starts popping up around the UK.

If you aren not near any of their stockists or maybe in a different part of the country, you can also shop on the Plantifull website for delivery.

Follow Plantifull on Instagram.

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