Vegan food in Tynemouth

I absolutely love when independent vegan businesses reach out to me in order to let me know what they do.

How else am I supposed to find out stuff?!

Check out this fabulous story sent to me by Jo and Matt of Square Roots in the northern England town of Tynemouth:

We are Jo and Matt (wife and husband team) and Square Roots was born in November 2015. Matt started off baking square muffins packed with vegetables which were really popular and were vegetarian. Then a friend of ours asked if we had ever thought of creating vegan dishes. At the time we knew nothing about veganism so the research began.

We are so pleased that we did. There is no going back for us now as we are now both vegan and it’s fantastic to see more and more people waking up to the horrors of what goes on in the meat, fish and dairy industries. Square Roots is now 100% vegan and loving it.

We are passionate about using more planet friendly packaging. We have had so much support from fellow vegans (and non-vegans too).

We trade at Tynemouth Weekend Market and are starting to supply cafes, too. We are also converting an old horse trailer and will soon be selling vegan friendly alcohol. Oh… we are also in the process of offering a mid-week three-course meal delivery service in our local area which is very exciting.

This is absolutely fabulous news for the vegan and vegan-curious of Tynemouth.

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