Ten things to eat in London

I haven’t done a little wrap up post like this for a while, so I wanted to jump on the blog quickly and give you an overview.

My inbox is swarming with correspondence from people wanting to know what is ‘must eat’ food if they only have a few days in London.

This following collection isn’t meant to act as a definitive list, rather it highlights ten things I highly recommend when you are next in London. The list is in no particular order.

Check it out and let me know if I have left any of your favourites of my list.

Number 10.

Get along to Temple of Seitan for their fried vegan chicken. They have two locations where you can pick up this world famous food.

Number 9.

Arancini Bothers is a chain that recently transformed into a 100% vegan business and you have got to get to one of their locations for their risotto balls. Too good.


Number 8.

Young Vegans know pies like nobody else and their Camden Market eatery is heaven. The mashed potato and gravy sides elevate an already incredible eating experience to another level. I highly recommend  the Seitan and Ale pie.


Number 7.

The seitan burger at Wulf & Lamb is one of the finest things to eat in London. Their special blend seitan is the closest to ground beef in the city and it is TASTY.


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Number 6.

I’m always singing the praises of CookDaily but it is worth repeating. Get the Full English bowl and have your life changed for the better.


Number 5.

If you aren’t familiar with Cookies and ScreamI’m sorry to say but you are not living your happiest life. Get a shake with added cookie dough balls.


Number 4.

Vanessa at Essential Vegan is a food superstar and her take on vegan Brazilian cuisine is a MUST-EAT when in London. Get the cheese balls. Eat them while hot. Leave happy.


Number 3.

One of the best things to eat on the planet is the doner chip box from What The Pitta. I simply CANNOT walk past their Shoreditch location without ordering this item.


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Number 2.

Dough Society is the first vegan donut and coffee shop in London. The Homer donut is one of their regular offerings and it is one of my favourite sweet treats in the capital.


Number 1.

The Snix bar from JuiceBaby is a pure delight. Shortbread base, gooey caramel and peanuts covered in raw chocolate. I would do almost anything for one right now.


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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Wonderful round-up! Thanks!!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for this list, FGV. I would add: anything from Ms. Cupcake (Ambassador cupcake, Nanaimo bar, filled cookie…)

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