London vegan superstar chef announces book deal

If you are one of the hundreds of people (maybe thousands) who have turned to me for London eating advice over the past few years, you would have been told to eat at CookDaily.

King of CookDaily has been busy serving up some of the tastiest vegan food on the planet for a while now and his Shoreditch restaurant is nothing short of legendary.

Noodle and soup bowls absolutely burst with flavour and the food is so incredibly popular, you’ll often find yourself caught short if you leave a visit too close to closing time.

In huge news, King reached out to me today to announce that he has finally signed his very first book deal.

This recipe book is surely to be one of the most anticipated book releases for vegans in recent times.

Follow King on Instagram to keep updated and make time to get reacquainted with the CookDaily menu ahead of the book launch.

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