Vegan supper club at Cable Street

Beiroot is a vegan Lebanese food business which aims to educate people on the importance of what they are eating. They believe in supporting a region heavily affected by conflict by using Zaytoun (a social enterprise which supports Palestinian farmers) products and donating a percentage of their profits to Kitrinos Healthcare (a charity providing medical relief to refugees along the Greek coast).

To mark the end of Veganuary, Beiroot will be hosting their first supper club at 10 Cable Street on Saturday 27 January, 2018. The evening will feature traditional Lebanese food and will also support a region deeply affected by conflict by using Zaytoun products, to support Palestinian farmers, as well as donating 2.5% of profits to Kitrinos.

The menu for the night is:


  • Mixed mezze platter of; traditional soured yoghurt i.e. labneh (made with cashew nuts), hummus and baba ghannoush all served with olives, a medley of herbs, vegetables and Arabic flatbread


  • Shawarma- A traditional pita sandwich made with thinly sliced ‘meat’, veggies, and a tahini and garlic sauce
  • Hindbeh bil Zeyt- Lebanese style sautéed kale drizzled with fair-trade Zaytoun Olive oil and seasoned with Pink Himalayan sea salt
  • Maghmoor served with burghul- Lebanese moussaka made with grilled aubergine tossed in sautéed onions, garlic and chickpeas which will be served with bulghur wheat
  • Fattoush: A classic Middle Eastern salad made with fresh, crispy greens tomatoes, crunchy toasted Arabic flat bread, dressed with a zesty lemon and summac dressing


  • Maamoul- Semolina cookie stuffed with fair-trade Zaytoun dates and flavoured with orange blossom
  • Atayef- Traditional Lebanese yeast pancakes stuffed with a medley of nuts and served with orange blossom syrup
  • Mint tea- A refreshing hot drink to end the night and help you digest your meal

This is an absolutely outstanding menu and tickets are going to zoom out.

Please click here now to book your tickets. You can also follow Beiroot on Instagram to stay updated on future events.

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