Vegan Japanese food in Brixton

Josh and I were in Brixton a few weeks ago and had an hour to spare before seeing a concert.

I was also hungry.

I strolled past the Ms Cupcake bakery and into Brixton Market to have a look around for anything new or new to me. That’s when I saw Kamome Japanese Kitchen.

The menu on the window showed a lot of meat but my attention was grabbed by the use of the word ‘vegan’ all over the place.

I prefer to eat in all vegan establishments but my tummy was rumbling and The Killers were about to take the stage at Brixton Academy.

So we jumped on in and ordered a few of the vegan dishes. Check them out.

Some of the food was extra tasty and enjoyable, while some of it was just OK.

The katsu curry with tofu was one of the highlights, as was the tempura and sticky rice bowl.

I wouldn’t make a special trip across London for these vegan options but I would certainly recommend if you are in the area as there are very few vegan choices in Brixton for dinner.

You can check out the Kamome website here.

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