BREAKING: Tofurky sandwiches launch in UK

We have waited and waited for this day.

Finally, it is here.

Superstar vegan brand Tofurky is launching its ready-to-consume sandwiches in the UK next week!

You have probably noticed I’ve recently been bemoaning the state of grab-and-go sandwiches in this country but the tide is now turning.

Yes, sandwiches are everywhere you look but the options for vegans or those wanting to choose vegan now and again have been abysmal. One particular Instagram post of mine caused a LOT of discussion on the topic.

Thankfully, Tofurky has come to our rescue with four superior sandwiches being launched in the UK from October 2, 2017.

The four flavours set to launch are TLT (Tempeh, Lettuce and Tomato), Chipotle Chick’n, Ham-style Salad and Chick’n and Sweetcorn.

Tofurky founder Seth Tibbott told me via email this morning that everyone at the company is thrilled with not only the exceptional taste of the protein-loaded sandwiches, but also the look of the packaging.

To be fair, it is gorgeous.

Here are the four flavours lined up at a recent trade event.

I can’t decide which flavour is tempting me the most. I suppose you can’t say no to a classic like ham and salad. But the chicken and sweet corn!

Seriously, I would need one of each. The FOMO is too real.

All four sandwiches will be on the shelves of Whole Foods Market stores across London from October 2, 2017. A few weeks later this will expand to include all As Nature Intended stores plus other health retailers.

After this initial London launch is a success (I mean, as if they won’t fly out!), look for the sandwiches to start rolling out further afield and especially into large, mainstream food retailers.

Are you excited? Could you pick a favourite? Where would you like to see these Tofurky sandwiches sold?

Follow Tofurky on Instagram to keep track of more exciting developments. Thanks for saving us from sandwich mediocrity, Tofurky!

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  1. Amazing! Can’t wait to try them all out 😀

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