Vegan with Shakespeare

Vegan food is everywhere.

I’ve reported on fancy restaurants launching plant-based menus all over the planet. We’ve got more vegan fast food places in London than I could have imagined five years ago. Heck, I even dine in style on a 100% vegan cruise each year.

This saturation of vegan dining options leaves me feeling as though nothing could surprise me with plant-based developments.

I just found out I can be surprised.

You can now enjoy a three-course vegan meal in the rooftop restaurant or a vegan afternoon tea complete with scones, vegan hot dogs and croissants in the café of the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Yes. Shakespeare just got vegan-friendly.

The most arguably famous theatre company on the planet now caters for vegans.

Afternoon tea sounds like a delight, especially when you consider the option for high tea featuring champagne and chocolate dipped fruit. You can click here to see the afternoon tea menu and check out the photos below.

The afternoon tea menu impresses, but the three-course vegan menu in the rooftop restaurant also caught my attention.

A thoughtful, high quality three-course meal for £26 in such a gorgeous setting is wonderful news. Click here to see the current menu items available for the three-course dining option.

The three-course dining option is a pre-theatre option and is served Monday until Saturday.

If you don’t know where the theatre company and restaurant are located, click here to get a better idea thanks to Google Maps.

OK. Now it’s time for your best Shakespeare-related vegan puns and jokes in the comments.

Extra note: all photos used for this blog were taken by Sara Beaumont of Sara Beaumont Photography.

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  1. As no-one’s taken you up on that yet:

    Tofu, or not tofu – that is the question
    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to sauté
    The seitan and soy mince of organic foodstuffs
    Or to takeaway against a vegan ready meal…

  2. “No, sir, I think the vegan wants that I have.” Dromio of Syracuse, The Comedy of Errors 2:2

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