Barcelona is your next vegan destination

I just got back from a few days in Barcelona and Sitges. What I’m about to tell you is old news to most people, but I’ll say it anyway.

Barcelona is outstanding for vegan food.

I couldn’t possibly run through every vegan business in the city. There are so very many so I’ll leave it to you to add your favourites in the comments below.

I just want to share some of my new favourites with you.

Check these out:

La Trocadero is a superb vegan fast food restaurant located just steps from Sagrada Familia. The burgers are tasty, the nachos are loaded and the juices are refreshing. Eat in or takeaway. This is a must visit spot.


Next up is an exquisite late night bar called Bar de Retro. Every single drink served is vegan and this spot also has a limited bar menu featuring burgers, hot dogs, nachos and olives. The soundtrack is 80s pop and rock plus if you get the right night you might even witness an improv theatre performance or swing dancing social. This is the place to be.


My next tip isn’t a vegan place, but Gelaaati di Marco in the Gothic Quarter has a huge selection of vegan gelato. You need to get a large tub!


The perfect quick bite on the go has to be the vegan falafel spot located at the back of the Boqueria food market. Tasty and quick.


Finally, we need to take a quick 20 minute train ride to the seaside town of Sitges. The town’s first 100% vegan restaurant opened just weeks ago and it is outstanding. Spice Garden is a showcase of some of the finest curries and side dishes I’ve tasted anywhere. Coupled with vegan friendly veggie restaurants and a health food supermarket brimming with vegan products, Sitges is more than a worthwhile stop during your Barcelona trip.



Enjoy this gorgeous city, its food and its friendly residents.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I love Sitges! Barcelona has so much choice now it’s fab! Thanks for the new info, I’ll check some of these out next time I go – here are my favourites

  2. Ooh You missed many places… one of my favorites is the first “Veggie Garden”
    (Nepalese and international vegan food) at El raval, cheap and friendly. Also Delacream’s sorbets… the cacao is a must! … I used to like Teresa Carles, but not any more .. too expensive and pretentious and the service is awful, plus is vegetarian with vegan options only.

  3. One of the best, in El Born. El Cafe Blueproject!

  4. Wow I had no idea so many options were available in this part of the world. Thanks Sean, I’ll start planning my next trip now! x

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