Hot desks available in Hackney

Do you know where Hackney Downs Vegan Market takes place?

Hackney Downs Studios is a gorgeous multi-use space right next to Hackney Downs. The site houses performance spaces, working studios, a restaurant, offices, workshops, and retail outlets.

It has recently come to my attention that Hackney Downs Studios also has a fabulous collaborative workspace with a fantastic garden area. It is known as Palm Space.

Adam at the Studios told me that Palm Space has been specially designed to be a place for creativity and peacefulness. The vision is for it to develop into a hub for film makers, designers, artists, writers, and anyone looking for a work space in east London.

The beautifully designed space spills out into a gorgeous garden where residents can work alongside other self starters and creative people… and who wouldn’t want a working space right in the middle of the site that houses the best vegan market in London?!

Hot desking begins at £100 per month and fixed desk prices range from £195 to £225. You need to get in touch with Adam via if you think you would enjoy running your business, art project or writing assignment from one of these desks in one of the coolest locations in London.

If you are coming along to Hackney Downs Vegan Market on Saturday August 19, 2017 you can join Adam for a walk through of Palm Space at 2pm and 3pm. Just meet at the front door of Autumn Yard restaurant.

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