Vegan BBQ pack for summer

One of the biggest and most deserved success stories in the vegan business world recently has been Sgaia Vegan Meats.

As I reported a few days ago, this Scotland-based enterprise just secured a coveted listing with Whole Foods Market stores and this meteoric success has all happened in a matter of a few short years.

I’ve popped onto the blog today not to repeat myself, but rather to tell you about a superb summer BBQ pack Sgaia has available to order from their website.

You will all want one of these packs.

The BBQ Bumper Pack has everything you need for your next grilling session. It comes with 4 Aromatico Burgers, 2 packs of Streaky Rashers, 2 Smoked Steaks and, while supplies last, they’re throwing in a free pot of their signature mayo.

Check out the burgers being cooked!

Click here to order the BBQ pack now and follow Sgaia on Instagram.

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  1. Damn, couldn’t resist!! A £29-lighter bank account now 😮

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