New vegan café for Southampton

If you go to Southampton often or you happen to be based there all the time, you have now got a new reason to smile.

Say hello to the soon to open Café Thrive. Yes, it’s all vegan!

With an opening just weeks away (or maybe days by the time you read this), Café Thrive is going to be a very welcome addition to the Southampton vegan food scene with a location just off Queensway below Houndwell and Hogslands Parks. Actually, click here to see the exact location.

The menu for Café Thrive is absolutely stiunning and is packed solid with all day breakfasts, sandwiches, burger meals, stone baked pizza, Sunday roast dinners and milkshakes. They even have a separate menu for children!

Prepare yourself before you click here to view the menu online. You are not going to cope. (Warning: menu loads as PDF)

Let’s have a sneaky look at some of the food they have been posting on social media.

Our waffles come with a scoop of #dairyfree Ice Cream and your choice of toppings. Pictured: Chocolate sauce & banana.

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Introducing another 2 of our Vegan Milkshakes: Matcha Green Tea, and Biscoff Caramel Biscuit.

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Introducing two of our vegan sundaes, chocolate brownie and banoffee fudge. 🙂

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Love pizza? So do we! And we have lots of toppings to choose from to create your perfect pizza!

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Yes. It all looks amazing.

You need to follow Café Thrive on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on exact opening times.

Yay for vegan Southampton!

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