Vegan melted cheese in East London

A reader tip just reached FGV headquarters and of course I’m delighted to send the information straight on to you people.

A new gourmet grilled cheese sandwich shop has opened in East London. 90° Melt is a vegetarian outlet with a HUGE amount of vegan options.

Take a look at what reader Gideon ate during a recent visit.

Well of course you can see that superstar vegan grilled cheese sandwich taking centre stage, but the photo also includes buffalo cauliflower wings hiding away in the background. Looks fab!

The menu at 98° Melt is stuffed solid with delights such as fried cheese balls, onion rings, gourmet cheese sandwich melts, soup and more. Pretty much everything being served can be veganised and you might be interested in the decadent brunch options.

This all sounds delicious, however…

As we all know, dairy is a horrendously cruel industry in which cows are repeatedly exploited until they die so I’m hoping this grilled cheese shop makes the switch to 100% vegan one day soon.

If you want to see what is on offer at 90° Melt, visit their website. You can like their Facebook page, too.

The exact location of the shop can be seen on Google Maps.

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  1. This couldn’t be closer to where I’ll soon be working for six weeks if it tried. I just hope they do takeaways. 🙂

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