Vegan menu for Spring at Pret

Pret a Manger has made no secret of how ferociously they are chasing vegan money in the UK.

The giant coffee chain has opened two completely vegetarian outlets with a big focus on vegan products and now they are putting an increased effort into advertising their vegan-suitable items across all their stores.

I guess big business has well and truly discovered they can make big money from us plant eaters!

Pret is currently advertising this coconut flat white coffee at a limited number of stores with a view to rolling it out further if it proves popular.

It’s great to see a dairy-free alternative made as a stand alone menu item, not as an afterthought or substitution.

In addition, Pret has rolled out this big vegan menu for spring and some of it looks tasty.

You can expand the ‘see recipe’ fields by visiting the menu online.

What do you think of this vegan push by Pret? Have you tried any of the new items? How were they?

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Brilliant news! I wrote to Pret CEO Clive Slee in December, asking Pret to start labelling vegan products as such, so maybe he took note!

  2. I’d never been to Pret before last Saturday. I went in there to quickly get lunch, had no idea if there was going to be any choices, and was pleasantly surprised to find several! I had the cauliflower & tumeric super veg salad and really liked it. I like the sound of the coconut coffee too, might pop in again soon 🙂

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