Vegan Vietnamese food in London

How about this tasty news?!

Liz and Joe are a couple with big plans for their brand new vegan food stand being launched at The Boiler House in Brick Lane on February 25, 2017.

What’s so special about ANOTHER vegan food stall in that part of London? Take a deep breath as I tell you Eat Chay is a 100% plant-based Vietnamese food stall!

Before I show you some mouthwatering food photos, take a look at how the Eat Chay menu is going to work.

That all sounds RIDICULOUSLY fabulous.

Now for the photos. Vietnamese coffee and tea. Korean meat-free ribs. Start planning your first meal with Eat Chay now.

Be sure to follow Eat Chay on Twitter and Instagram. Plus, get all their details online.

Get down for the grand opening on February 25 and then visit Eat Chay each and every weekend following that at The Boiler House.

Extra note: neither Liz or Joe are vegan but have decided to invest all of their efforts into a 100% vegan food business. Interesting.

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  1. So pleased these omnis have decided to open a plant based business. Hopefully they’ll love it so much they convert themselves!

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