Vegan fish and chips

My friend Kay is living the highlife in Sydney, Australia and she is absolutely thrilled to be able to tease me constantly with all the fabulous vegan food advancements that have taken place down under since I departed over six years ago.

One of the best pieces of news she has sent me involves a vegan fish and chip shop called Bliss & Chips.

Located on King Street in inner city Newtown, Bliss & Chips is a gluten free and completely vegan chippy!

Check out some of the photos Kay sent over, including her favourite ‘duck’ burger. Can you spot that deep-fried Jokerz bar on the photo wall? I’m drooling!

I’m getting a bit emotional thinking of potato scallops. They are childhood favourites of mine and I don’t know where to get them done vegan in the UK.

Dear Bliss & Chips. You are my heroes and I hope you inspire people all over the planet to open similar outlets.

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  1. Those potato scallops at Bliss & Chips are every bit as delicious as you could imagine!

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