Vegan fish fingers

Love them or hate them, you can’t escape the fact that Quorn is steadily marching forward with expanding its vegan range and this newest addition is causing a lot of stir.

Say hello to Vegan Fishless Fingers.

Fish fingers are close to being a national food in the UK, so I’m certain there will be hundreds of thousands of people happy to see this product readily available all over the country.

I’ve heard of them currently being available via Tesco and Waitrose.

As an aside, I’d be interested to know if this vegan expansion also means a reduction in Quorn‘s vegetarian options. I think the only way I can really celebrate this ‘better late than never’ vegan onslaught from the food giant is knowing that it translates into the non-vegan stuff being phased out.

Are you excited about this new product?

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I have dutifully sampled all the vegan Quorn, even though I don’t like the company, because I want to send them the message that there is a worthwhile market for vegan food and that they should continue seeking to cater for this market. Alas, I haven’t yet liked anything I’ve tasted, this included. No-one else is my household has been impressed with the vegan Quorn either. Ah well. As well as being a lot more ethical, VBites and Fry’s simply taste better. Nonetheless, I hope they continue to expand their vegan range, because any move towards veganism is always to be welcomed.

  2. This is not fancy food or ‘clean eating’. But I do really enjoy having three of these fingers as a hot crunchy snack. I’ve also enjoyed the frozen quorn pieces as part of a stir fry. I haven’t tried Frys so can’t compare, but it is great to be able to get this stuff in the super market. Like Sean I’ll be interested to see if this ultimately decreases the non vegan range, would be great to see it all vegan!

  3. The Quorn spicy chicken burgers are a delicious guilty pleasure for me. Cut into strips they make a salad a yummy quick, easy & filling meal. I’ve not seen the fish fingers yet but am a big fan of the Making Waves fingers & fish style steaks so I’ll be giving them a try. I applaud Quorn for moving towards making more vegan food and I too hope this means they’ll be moving away from using egg in their other products eventually.

  4. I thought they were flavourless.

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