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This is a personal post.

Today I attended the funeral of my friend, Indira.

If you read my blog often, you will know that Indira was battling secondary cancer of the liver a few years after conquering breast cancer. Indira once wrote a poignant guest blog post for me detailing her emotions around taking medications that had most certainly been tested on animals. She felt conflicted but wanted to be a voice for vegans in a similar position. She was always thinking of others throughout ordeals that would have left most of us thinking of little more than how horrible life can be.

Indira died last week and by all accounts she remained strong and compassionate right up until her passing.

Indira’s beautiful children (aged 1 and 4) will forever hear stories that their mother was one of the kindest and most compassionate people on the planet. If they ever stumble across this post, I want Thilini and Dilan to know that their “Mummy” was the kindest person I ever met in London.

Indira’s husband Martyn spoke with such affection and strength today, always with his children by his side.

This post is my personal memorial to a remarkable human. Indira was whip smart, accomplished, loving, down to Earth, an amazing vegan cook and forever looking for ways to help people and animals.

I would also like to express my sorrow for Indira’s family. Her father Karu and sister Lanka showed me warmth and affection on what is surely one of the most difficult days of their lives. I’m sorry for your loss.

We must all be more like Indira. We must learn to accept the impermanence of existence and turn our fear of that ever changing unknown into compassionate action.

Thank you Indira. You were a powerful and kind force to be reckoned with in an often hostile world.

I miss you.

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  1. I didn’t know her, but based on this post, I really wish I had. She sounds like a beautiful soul. Just like you FGV. So sorry for your loss. Stay strong xx

  2. Sean, your prescence yesterday meant so much to us. You describe Indira beautifully well. She was so fond of you and I’ll be sure to keep a copy of this for the kids x

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